Structural and Repair Mortars

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What is structural landscaping?

Structural landscaping refers to the construction of external landscape features. Whilst landscaping can be as simple as laying a new deck, it has the ability to transform the composition of a space, using various structures and materials. From installing a driveway to building a pond, structural landscaping covers a wide range of construction work.

What materials are used in landscaping?

Landscaping projects usually incorporate a mix of hardscape and softscape elements to create a well-structured exterior space.

Hardscape materials include brick, gravel, stone, concrete, and timber. These materials are often used to create a functional hard surface such as a walkway, driveway, or seating area.

Softscape materials include plants, flowers, grass, and trees and are usually living elements of a landscape. These materials are often used to create an aesthetic space and soften the edges of the hard materials.

How do you maintain a hardscape?

Some methods of maintaining your hard landscape can be as simple as sweeping your surfaces and removing any emerging weeds. However, to keep your structural landscape looking as good as new, you may need to use landscaping products to protect and repair your hard surfaces.

How do you repair a chipped concrete surface?

Concrete is a common material in structural landscaping and is often used for borders, patios, and pathways. However, it is also prone to chipping and cracking, so it’s important you know how to properly repair it.

Before you can repair your concrete, you first need to properly clean the chip of any debris or dirt, using a wire brush. This will help any products firmly adhere to the concrete. Once clean, we’d recommend using Feb Febset 45, which is a specially formulated concrete repair mortar with high bond strength and durability.

What is the best waterproofing for concrete?

Whether you already have an active water leak in your concrete or simply want to safeguard against future water damage, we’d recommend using Feb Febtank Plug. Providing a watertight seal for instant plugging of leaks, Feb Febtank Plug is an effective way to avoid water seeping through any cracks or joints in your concrete.

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How do you seal paving slabs?

It’s worthwhile sealing your paving slabs when they’re installed to protect them from stubborn stains in the future. This is particularly important for natural stone which is extremely porous and will quickly absorb liquid left on the surface.

To seal your new or recently cleaned paving slabs, we’d recommend using Sika Patio Seal. As a water-based sealer, this product can be easily applied and will dry to a clear finish. It also contains a fungicide to prevent any mould growth and keep your patio looking cleaner for longer.

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