The origins of the FEB brand

With over 50 years of history, FEB products are a favourite of builders and specifiers from multiple generations who have come to trust the company to meet even the most specific of their requirements. The first to market offering concrete and mortar admixtures, FEB have established themselves as the industry leading manufacturer of high-performance construction chemicals.

Today, the range of FEB building products spans a huge variety of applications, from structural and remedial waterproofing to masonry, concrete repair and cementitious grouts. As part of the Sika Everbuild organisation, FEB are also committed to continuously testing and improving the formulations of their admixture technology, adhesives and screeds to deliver high quality products that meet the latest regulatory standards.

Bestselling FEB admixtures and construction chemicals

As a leading distribution company in the building industry, Solseal is the best place to get all of the most popular FEB admixtures and FEB building chemicals.

Our range of FEB products includes a series of speciality construction chemicals such as Feb FebSET 45 repair mortar, which has been specially formulated to provide extremely high early strengths in temperatures ranging from below -20°C to over 30°C. Thanks to the controlled high strength FEB mortar displays after just 45 minutes, it’s the go-to choice for builders who require minimum delay to traffic and production.

FEB repair mortar is typically used for concrete repair in construction jobs where minimum delay and work disruption is a priority, including anything from road, bridge decks and quay repairs to loading bays, warehouses and industrial floors. It’s a particularly popular choice for repairing concrete paving, as it allows for traffic to reopen in under an hour.

This highly durable mortar has excellent resistance to freeze/thaw and de-icing salts, which make it perfect for areas with sub-zero temperatures.

We also offer many FEB levelling compounds, such as the bestselling Feb Febflor Heatflex which has been designed specifically for use with underfloor heating and for application over existing wooden floors.

This flexible, ultra-high strength cement-based levelling compound offers rapid setting and may be walked on in 3 hours. Strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic once it’s been overlaid with a suitable covering, the FEB levelling compound also contains added fibres which means it will not crack or shrink even in the most demanding applications.

Another customer favourite is the Feb Febgrout Universal – a ready to use, non-shrink construction grout which can be used for grouting equipment and machinery, including bearing pads, rails and anchoring. The non-shrink properties of the FEB construction grout allow for effective contact and support, while the high early strength is great for rapid installation and use of plant.

Our FEB building chemicals range also features a selection of waterproofing products, such as the extremely durable Feb Febtank Super. Easy to apply with a stiff hand brush, broom or spray, the waterproof coating can be left uncovered or overpainted with a decorative finish.

This specialist FEB waterproof coating for concrete and masonry can be used both internally and externally, above and below ground level. Perfect for waterproofing water reservoirs and tunnels as well as basements and building foundations. We also recommend using the Febtank Super on the floors and walls in your shower and bathroom areas before applying a decorative finish.


Browse our range of FEB admixtures and construction chemicals above or contact the Solseal team with any enquires – as industry-leading experts on all things FEB, we’ll be able to advise on the best product for your building needs. Know what you want already? Save even more when you buy in bulk!