At Solseal, we have everything you need to complete your landscaping project. Whether it’s a small or large garden, driveway or patio, find essential garden landscape supplies and materials and more to transform your outdoor space. Shop the full range of our landscaping products and surface treatments, including jointing compounds in various colours and sizes, at competitive prices.

Where can I buy quality paving and landscaping supplies?

As part of our structural and landscaping products, we have a wide range of jointing compounds and surface treatments ideal for landscaping and sealing pavements and patios. Our all-weather jointing compounds are suitable for all types of paving and areas, including footpaths, outdoor patio areas, driveways and pedestrian areas, and easy-to-use with no machinery or heavy equipment required.

Our landscaping products have been selected based on their optimal performance, durability and ease of application. We also offer next working day delivery on selected landscaping products and surface treatments.

What are jointing compounds?

A jointing compound is a popular landscaping product used to cure and seal joints in paving, paths and patios, and create a seamless base. Our selection of all-weather jointing compounds is premixed and designed for easy application and easy maintenance.

What is the best jointing compound?

We stock a range of all-weather jointing compounds from premium quality brands, including Geo-Fix and Sika.

As a reputable brand in the construction industry, Sika FastFix is used widely in landscaping for jointing paving, paths and patio. Its jointing compound is renowned for its durability and easy application.

Our range has been selected for its all-weather purposes, meaning they are totally weatherproof and unaffected by poor weather conditions, including heavy showers and frost.

How do you apply a jointing compound to a patio?

We have selected our landscaping products for their premium quality and easy application. They are supplied ready to use and do not require any further mixing. Before using any of our landscaping products and jointing compounds, read and follow the instructions. The majority of our jointing compounds are applied by ensuring that the surface is wet and then using a brush to sweep the compound into the joints. Any residue left on the surface when cured can be buffed and cleaned off with a brush.

Landscape products delivery

At Solseal, we want our customers to have the landscaping products they need when they need them. Please allow 4-5 working days for your products to be delivered.

We offer next day express delivery on selected landscaping materials. We will deliver your goods on the next working day (orders need to be received by 11 am).

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Landscaping expertise

Solseal is a family-run distribution company with over 20 years of experience supplying specialist supplies for the construction industry. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with the team to help source the right landscaping products for you. Our fully-trained staff are always willing to help find the right application and landscaping material for your project.

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