The ARBO brand’s journey to a dedicated sealant manufacturer

Architects and contractors across the construction, building and glazing industries regard the ARBO brand as a respected manufacturer of high-quality sealants who offer specialist products tailored to the needs of the marine, automotive and industrial sectors.

The history of the ARBO brand

Launched at a time of great construction projects like the Suez Canal and inventions like the combustion engine, the company was set for success from the start. Originally named William Peter Adshead & Co. Ltd, the business began trading from a small warehouse in 1859 and gradually grew its sales over the decades until nearly 60 years later it was acquired by C & L Ratcliffe Paint Manufacturers, before officially becoming Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd in 1944.

ARBO Sealants for the professional

Over their nearly two centuries of trade, ARBO gained a reputation as a dedicated sealant manufacturer for a range of professional industries, providing high-quality products which can meet virtually any requirement. What’s more, with in-house research and development facilities dedicated to colour matching and creating customised sealants for specialised applications, ARBO can cater to any bespoke orders that come their way.

ARBO Sealants Specialist Products

Years of experience developing bespoke solutions for customers have resulted in the creation of the extensive range of ARBO specialist sealants. Now with a dedicated Research and Development team working together with the Technical Service Team in ARBO’s own laboratory, the company maintains a steady pace of product innovation, designing solutions to meet a variety of customer requirements.

ARBO Facade Solutions EPDM System

As part of their specialist range of products, ARBO have developed their own green EPDM system which enables construction companies to guarantee Document L for their buildings by sealing the gap between window frames and other substrates using high-quality EPDM-utilising solvent-free adhesives.

With contractors increasingly demanding from their installers that this gap is sealed, and legislation tightening around the issue, having a solution for this important aspect of the building process is the best way to ensure you’re granted all the proper certifications.

ARBO’s Facade Solutions EPDM System is completely fume and smell-free, clean, green and easy to apply both in factory and on-site. The ARBO Facade Solutions range features a variety of EPDM systems one and two-part structural silicone sealants, as well as a choice of adhesive membranes, security tapes and expanding strip products tailored to meet all designer requirements.

ARBO Sealants Product Categories

As a leading distribution company in the building industry, Solseal is the best place to shop the extensive range of ARBO sealants, adhesives and EPDM systems.

Take your pick from popular ARBO sealants such as the incredibly elastic Arbo Arbosil 1090 Silicone Sealant, which provides great adhesion to concrete, brickwork and metals as well as many other common construction substrates, and the non-silicone, paintable Arbo Arbomeric MP10 Sealant which is perfect for perimeter seals and structural joints.

ARBO offer a choice between gun grade and pouring grade polysulphide construction sealants, including the bestselling Arbo Arbokol 682 Gun Grade Sealant and Arbo Arbokol 682 Pouring Grade Sealant, both of which are suitable for all types of glass balustrade installations where a sealant is required.

Our selection also features ARBO specialist products such as the Arbo Arbokol 1025 Secure Grade, which has been specifically developed for a variety of internal joints which require a tough, non-pick seal (e.g. prisons and heavy duty floor joints).

Another favourite from the ARBO specialist range is the Arbo Arbokol 1025 Swimming Pool – a unique two part Epoxy sealant designed for use in areas which require continual water resistance and a high degree of chemical resistance (especially to common cleaning substances).

Arbo Arbosil XL 1099 Non-Staining Silicone has been specifically developed for use with sensitive natural and man-made substrates such as marble, granite, and pre-cast concrete which can be easily stained by regular sealants. Arbo Arbo XL 1075, meanwhile, is a popular heat resistant silicone sealant which intumesces when exposed to flame, blocking the passage of fire and smoke.

Where to buy ARBO Sealants

Browse our range of ARBO sealants and specialist products above or contact our team if you have any inquires. As industry-leading experts on all things ARBO, we can help you choose the best specialist product for your building needs. Found your perfect ARBO sealant? Order in bulk and save even more!