The history of construction work quality behind the Mapei brand

Short for “Materiali Ausiliari Per l’Edilizia e l’Industria” (“auxiliary materials for building and industry”), Mapei has indeed become an industry leader in the production of high-quality adhesives and chemical products in the 82 years since it was established.

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei has earned its reputation for excellence through proving customers with consistent quality and experience for decades. A formidable team which thrives on challenges, the Mapei Group has earned its leadership in the building industry through unparalleled know-how and unwavering commitment to both their clients and the environment.

Mapei’s dedication to innovation

Firm believers that research and innovation drive growth, Mapei channel 5% of their annual turnover into their Research & Development department. What’s more, 70% of the research that takes place in the research department is dedicated to developing sustainable eco products in line with Mapei’s commitment to the environment.

The heritage & values of the Mapei brand

Tracing its roots back to Italy, Mapei was built on a solid foundation of passion and innovation – values which can still be seen in everything the company does today. Bringing together company ambitions and a family spirit, Mapei has continued growing in both size and ambition, representing their values in all their day-to-day activities.

Mapei’s clients, suppliers and collaborators all get to experience first-hand the company’s dedication to improving the quality of building work across the board by creating increasingly sustainable chemical products for the construction industry.

Bestselling Mapei adhesives, sealants and chemical products

As a leading distribution company in the building industry, Solseal is the go-to destination for the best of Mapei’s comprehensive range of quality products, all of which have been made by skilled professionals using only the best raw materials.

Our range of Mapei building products includes a selection of bestselling silicone sealants, including the solvent-free, mould resistant Mapei Mapesil AC HM Silicone which is available in 26 colours and a pack of 12. Extremely durable, this silicone sealant maintains unchanged seals even after years exposure to climate fluctuations, industrial pollution, extreme temperature changes and immersion in water.

Another bestseller from the Mapei adhesives range is the Mapei Mapesil LM 100 – a low modulus, non-staining silicone sealant particularly suitable for stone materials. This mould-resistant sealant is available in nine colours, all of which match corresponding Mapei grouts.

Browse our range of Mapei adhesives and chemical products above or contact our team with any inquires. As industry experts well-versed all things Mapei, we can recommend the best product for your building needs. Know what you want already? Buy in bulk and save even more!