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Everbuild Tecnic: sealants and adhesives formulated for quality performance

Created as an offshoot of the world-class chemical innovation leader Everbuild, Everbuild Tecnic offers a range of sealants and adhesives specifically formulated with a focus on quality to help specifiers and constructors enhance performance across all applications in their field.

Perfect for a variety of large-scale projects and developments, Everbuild’s Tecnic range features a selection of sealants and adhesives which can be used for a number of different construction industry applications.

The Everbuild Tecnic construction products have been used in developments as ambitious as a Commonwealth Swimming Pool and an Olympic Stadium. Whatever your application requirements, our team can help you find the right sealant for every stage of your project.

Bestselling Everbuild Tecnic construction products

Developed with industry specialists and professional sealant applicators in mind, the Everbuild Tecnic collection features ISO-compliant sealants and adhesives for most industry applications. You can take your pick from an assortment of high-performance sealant types, including Silicone, Polyurethane and Hybrid.

As part of the Everbuild range we stock we offer a selection of Tecnic sealants and adhesives, including some of the highest quality products on the market such as the intumescent and acoustic Everbuild Fire Sealant 300, which has been formulated specifically to swell up to three times its original size when exposed to heat, providing up to five hours of fire resistance. The sealant is very popular for fire rated structures, where joints require a firm, yet flexible seal.

Another bestseller from the Everbuild Tecnic range is Everbuild Hyrbiflex 480. This general-purpose building sealant is a favourite amongst developers looking for a solution which easily adheres to light damp surfaces, allows for painting over with acrylic based paints and can withstand a decent level of stress or foot traffic.

The Everbuild Tecnic collection also comprises of a number of Silicone sealants for specialist uses, as well as a choice of sealant primers which work with all common Silicon types and most building materials, both porous (Everbuild Sealant Primer P1) and non-porous (Everbuild Sealant Primer NP2).

 Everbuild Tecnic sanitary sealants and more at Solseal

You can also find a variety of specialist Everbuild Tecnic sealants in our catalogue, developed to meet the more niche application needs of construction companies. We offer a selection of sealants designed specifically for secure environments, such as the Everbuild Anti Pick 109, which has been formulated to provide wear resistance and prevent picking.

Developers can also find a great selection of Everbuild Tecnic sanitary sealants. The Sanisil, for instance, is a popular moisture curing silicone sealant which provides resistance to mildew and fungus, while Everbuild Silicone HM60 contains a powerful anti-fungal compound which stops the growth of mould in high humidity areas.

There’s also a number of tools that are suitable for both large scale construction projects and domestic applications. One such Everbuild Tecnic product is Everbuild Silicone 996, which offers excellent adhesion to most surfaces and unsurpassed tooling properties for a variety of glazing applications. Everbuild Silicone S50, meanwhile, is equipped with high viscosity formula which makes it perfect for creating a waterproof seal around baths and shower trays.

Browse our catalogue of specialist Everbuild Tecnic sealants and adhesives above or contact us if you have any enquires. As industry-leading experts on all things Everbuild Tecnic, we can help you find the best construction product to optimise performance across applications. Already have a list of favourites? Save even more when you buy in bulk!