High Modulus Sealant

High modulus silicone sealant products for withstanding repeated cleaning attempts. We stock Everbuild and Forever White Sealant.

What is a high modulus sealant?

High modulus sealants are silicone sealants used for household and commercial sanitary applications, as well as for sealing glass to window and door frames. Designed to resist repeated cleaning and commonly infused with fungicide, high modulus sealants are the preferred sealing choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Popular internal applications of high modulus sanitary sealant include showers, sinks, baths and kitchen worktops.

High modulus sealants are also great for glass to glass joints as well as display cases and shop fronts. Although less stretchy and accommodating to movement, high modulus sealants are more hardwearing and perfect for creating an unyielding final seal.

For areas lacking sufficient air to cure the material (e.g. bathrooms and wet rooms), or joints requiring both rigidity and higher movement capabilities (e.g. door and window frames), a high modulus mastic joint sealant is the perfect solution.

Chemically curing and less rigid, this type of high modulus sealants contain fungicides which prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. High modulus mastic joint sealants are available in a range of colours allowing you to match the material to the overall décor of the space.

High modulus silicone sealant uses

The main application of high modulus sanitary silicone is preventing mould from forming on silicone joints that are frequently exposed to moisture. Enriched with fungicide, sanitary silicone ensures the surface of the joint is smooth and makes cleaning significantly easier. That said, to further reduce chances of mould growth, pair high modulus silicone sealant with good ventilation.

High modulus silicone can also be used as a frame sealant. Tougher and more weather resistant than other sealant types, it allows for greater amounts of movement and adheres well to almost all construction materials. This type of high modulus sealant is designed with door and window frame seals in mind – a fact reflected in the range of colours it’s available in, tailored to match shades of wood and other framing materials.

High modulus acetoxy silicone sealants

High modulus acetoxy silicone sealants are another type of high modulus sealant used for sanitary applications in kitchens and bathrooms. Acetoxy silicone sealants are one of the more popular choices as they cure quickly and create a more rigid seal. However, if you need a sealant that adheres well to plastics, aluminium or glass, we would recommend you choose other options that can provide a stronger bond.

Should I use high or low modulus silicone sealant?

When it comes to choosing between a high and a low modulus sealant, it comes down to how flexible you need a seal to be. The key thing to consider is how much movement the joint will be exposed to, and weigh this against the desired strength of the bond.

Hard-wearing and rigid high modulus sealants have a lower capacity for accommodating movement but superior strength. This is why we recommend using them for final seals that need to remain firm after application, such as sinks, showers and baths.

If you need to seal joints which require greater movement accommodation, such as windows and doors, soft and flexible low modulus sealants are the right choice for you. One thing to keep in mind if you opt for low modulus is that their elastic makeup makes them less resistant to repeated cleaning.

Where to buy high modulus sealants?

We supply a range of high modulus sealants from a number of industry-leading brands, including Dow Corning high modulus silicone sealants and Puraflex high modulus polyurethane sealants.