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Mapei Mapesil LM 100 310ml

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Product Code: MAPESIL-LM-12

Key Features

  • Non-staining - particularly suitable for stone materials.
  • Mould-resistant.
  • Available in 9 colours - all matching Mapei grouts.

Surface Preparation
Surfaces to be sealed must be solid with no dust or loose parts and free from all traces of oil, grease, wax, old paintwork, and rust. In order to perform correctly, the sealant must be able to expand and contract freely once applied in the joint. It is important that:

  • It only bonds perfectly to the side walls of the joint and not the bottom.
  • The width of the joint is calculated correctly so that the product does not expand more than 25% of the original with of the joint when in use.
  • The thickness of the Mapesil LM seal is always less, or at most, equal to the width of the joint. To protect from staining apply masking tape along the edges of the joint prior to extrusion.

Recommended Systems
Cut the tip of the cartridge near the thread and screw on the nozzle. Trim the tip of the nozzle at 45° according to the width of the joint required and insert the cartridge into a suitable extrusion gun. Finish the surface of Mapesil LM with a suitable damp tool before a skin forms.

Depends on the width of the joint.

Technical Characteristics
Mapesil LM is a one-component, solvent-free silicone sealant with low odour. A thixotropic paste it is easy to apply on vertical & horizontal surfaces and reticulates at room temperature through atmospheric humidity to form a flexible sealant. Seals made using Mapesil LM are extremely stable over time, even when exposed to inclement weather, industrial environments, temperature variations or water. Mapesil LM delays the formation of surface mould. Bonds to most substrates.