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Everbuild Geo-Fix All Weather 14kg

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Product Code: GEOWET14

Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound. Supplied in ready mixed, vacuum packed, sealed foil bags to ensure the product is perfectly fresh, easy to brush into the joints and simple to point up. It can even be applied in wet weather! Natural Stone or Slate Grey £24.99 + vat / Anthracite £29.99 + vat

Product Description

Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound is a unique, ready to use jointing material for all types of paving having joints of 6 mm and over that can be used in both dry and wet conditions. Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound is a quick and easy way of applying a rigid joint on most common paving types including Natural Stone, Concrete, Slate, Clay, Terracotta and Granite.     


  • Supplied ready to use, no mixing required.
  • Can be used in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Simply brush into joints and compact.
  • Cement free – Non staining.
  • Sets hard, wont crack or wash out.
  • Resists weeds and plant growth.
  • Totally weatherproof, unaffected by frost.
  • For all joints of 6mm wide and over.
  • Water permeable, allows water to escape.                             

Areas For Use

  • Footpaths.
  • Outdoor patio areas.
  • Indoor stone floor areas.                                            
  • Pedestrian areas.                                          
  • Driveways subject to light occasional vehicular traffic.                               



  • Do not use on joints smaller than 6mm
  • Do not apply to dry paving. The paving must be wetted prior to and during application.
  • Read all instructions and leaflet carefully before use.
  • Joint depth must be a minimum of 25mm
  • Do not apply below 30C or if the ground/paving temperature is below 30C.
  • In areas subject to vehicular traffic it is essential that the paving elements are bedded on a class 1 mortar and a high percentage of the mortar is squeezed up the joint, thereby providing support for the paving elements.
  • GEO-FIX should be considered for its aesthetic and not its structural properties.
  • The jointing should not be cleaned by use of high pressure washers until cured for 14 days. The distance between nozzles to jointing must be at least 15cm and a fan nozzle must be used.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. As the company cannot be aware of all the applications and materials the product may be used on, it is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. Please contact technical services for advice or request technical data sheet.

Surface Preparation

 Ensure that the paving to be jointed is dry and free from loose dirt, oil, debris and grease etc. it is essential the joint widths are a minimum of 6mm wide with a minimum depth of 25mm. deeper joints can be filled with dry sand or other materials to meet the required minimum depth.


GEO-FIX is supplied ready to use and does not require any further mixing or addition of other materials.

Wet the paving surface. The paving must be kept wet during application but free from standing water.   Failure to wet the paving surface will result in temporary staining. 

Ensure that the areas where you are not working remain wet at all times.  This is particularly important in warm or hot weather conditions.

Carefully open the vacuum-packed bag and sprinkle sufficient Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound over the wet paving to cover an area of 2-3 m2(see coverage table below).

Using a soft brush, push the Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound into the joints ensuring that they are filled with the compound.

The material MUST be compacted into the joints.

Compact Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound into the joints with a pointing tool. Top up and compact ensuring a fully compacted and topped up joint. Carefully sweep off any excess with a soft brush ensuring that the material is swept at a 450 angle to the joints.  Finish the surface decoratively giving a smooth flat finish with a pointing tool before moving onto the next area to be jointed.

Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound can withstand almost any amount of rain without the quality of the product being compromised.  Heavy rain may cause the smoothed surface of the joint to be disturbed that may require re-finishing.

Any residue left on the surface when cured can be simply cleaned off by sweeping with a stiff brush.

Material or residue that has been left exposed for more than 30 minutes should NOT be used, as it will be adversely affected.

Use Geo-FixÒ All Weather Jointing Compound within 45 minutes of opening. In temperatures exceeding 25oC the material must be used within 30 minutes of opening the bag.


It is essential that all surfaces are wetted prior to application, and joint widths are a minimum of 6mm wide and a minimum of 25mm deep. A trial area should always be undertaken prior to full scale application. Whilst Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound eliminates the staining problems associated with using sand/cement mortars by not sticking to the paver it should be noted that on certain types of paving, differences in porosity, texture and colour may be highlighted by using the jointing compound. Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound is not suitable for joints subjected to continuous water immersion and is not suitable to fill to the top of chamfered joints (N.B – always finish to level or below the start of the chamfer)


Do not use this product on solids concrete beds without sufficient falls and water drainage.

Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound should not be considered to have any structural properties; therefore it is important that there is no paving movement

Never leave the compound on the surface of paving for a period in excess of 30 mins as it will part cure, giving poor strength once compacted into joints and may give staining issues in area of contact.

Cement based pavers: This product may also highlight problems due to differential curing of cost effective cement based paving.


(The figures given below are an approximate coverage based on a 14gk bucket)

Stone Size

Joint Size 10mm(W) x 25mm(D)

600mm x 600mm

8.25 - 9m2

600mm x 450mm

6.50 – 7.25m2

450mm x 450mm

5.75 – 6.25m2

300mm x 450mm

4.75 – 5.25m2

300mm x 300mm

3.75 – 4.25m2