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Sika Sikasil Pool 300ml

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Sikasil®-Pool is suitable for joints in and around swimming pools, areas under permanent water immersion and frequently wet areas, such as shower rooms in sports halls or leisure facilities, between ceramics, tiles, concrete, glass, metals and other typical building substrates.

Characteristics / Advantages

  • Very high water resistance
  • High chlorine resistance (as required in swimming pools due to use of disinfecting solutions) 
  • Extremely high resistance to fungal attack
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • High tear resistance 
  • Non-corrosive 
  • High elasticity and flexibility

Do not use on bituminous substrates, natural rubber, chloroprene, EPDM or on building materials which might bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents.Do not use in totally confined space because Sikasil®-Pool requires atmospheric moisture to cure.Do not use Sikasil®-Pool for structural glazing, insulated glazing, food contact applications, or for medical or pharmaceutical use.

Recommendation for use in swimming pools / warm water whirlpools:Cure Sikasil®-Pool fully before the filling of the pool, minimum 4 days up to 14 days(dependent on the temperature, ambient humidity and the thickness of the sealant applied). The required vulcanisation or curing time extends with the increasing thickness of the sealant applied.The resistance of a sealant to chlorine is dependent on the pH value of the water and the amount of free chlorine.

Sikasil®-Pool can be used in swimming pools and warm water whirlpools pools in which the pH value of the water is maintained between 6.5 and 7.6 and the free available chlorine is less than 5 mg/litre.To reduce the risk of fungal attack of Sikasil®-Pool, the free available chlorine level shall not fall below 0.3 mg/litre in swimming pools and 0.7 mg/litre in warm water whirlpools. Continuous water circulation is required to avoid variable chlorine concentrations in which local chlorine concentrations may fall below these minimum levels.

(Note that short term exposure to water with free available chlorine of up to10 mg/litre can be tolerated)If there is a very strong smell of chlorine, check the p-H value accordingly.Regular water circulation is required and must not be interrupted. If interrupted,partial or variable chlorine concentrations arise and may locally fall below the minimum concentration.Do not use acid based detergents as they increase the danger of fungal attack.In case of a fungal attack of the sealant must be removed completely when joints are reconstructed.