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Sika Membran EPDM 200mm x 25m

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Product Information

Product Code: SKEPDMEM

Sika® Membran is an EPDM synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane, available in two grades as Sika® Membran Outdoor and Sika® Membran Universal, which offer different defined rates of vapour diffusion.



  • Sealing and Waterproofing Construction Gaps in Building Façades
  • Providing Waterproof and Airtight Flexible Seals 
  • Controlling Vapour Diffusion 
  • Preventing Interstitial Condensation

Characteristics / Advantages

  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Weather and ageing resistant.
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Will not perish
  • Quality assured with printed logo for easy identification. 
  • An important aspect of ‘Part L’ of the Building Regulations’ relates to achieving air tightness to building envelopes. 
  • Measured in m3/hr/m2, air permeability describes the resistance of the building envelope to inward or outward air movement. This includes floors, walls and roofs. 
  • An advantage of the Sika® Membran System, incorporating the SikaBond® TF Plus adhesive, is that it is easy to achieve air tightness to facade construction gaps.
  • Continuous watertight as well as airtight seals can be guaranteed around the perimeters of window or curtain wall components. 
  • All new buildings MUST have robust details designed and specified to ensure the envelope is airtight. 
  • Compliance with ‘Part L’ of the Building Regulations can be of real benefit by reducing the size of heating and ventilation systems ultimately achieving significant reductions in heating running costs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Appearance / Colours Black
  • Packaging 25 m x 0.6mm rolls in widths from 100mm to 1400mm
  • Storage Conditions / Shelf-Life Sika® Membran should be stored in dry warehouse conditions between10°C and 30°C. Shelf life under these circumstances is a minimum of five years