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Feb Febond Blue Grit 10L

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Product Code: FBBLUE10

All Purpose Primer and Admixture

Description of Product

FEBOND BLUE GRIT is a high performance plaster bonding agent specifically designed to provide an improved key to smooth surfaces. Containing a fine aggregate, FEBOND BLUE GRIT provides a mechanical key to backgrounds such as plaster, concrete, painted surfaces and glazed tiles.


Typical Uses

FEBOND BLUE GRIT is ideal as a bonding coat for walls prior to plastering, for bonding to difficult substrates such as glass, ceramics, MR plasterboard, MDF, pre-cast concrete, and other particle boards etc.

Features and Benefits

§ Provides mechanical Key - Enables plastering over low suction and smooth backgrounds

§ Blue colour gives easy identification of area covered

§ Simple to apply by roller or brush.

§ Ready to use straight from the tub.


Instructions For Use

Preparation of Substrate

Ensure substrate is dust, release agent and frost free and is suitable to provide sufficient support.


STIR WELL BEFORE USE. Ensure ambient temperature is above 5 °C.  Use 1 coat only. Apply using a short pile roller or brush to give an even coating. FEBOND BLUE GRIT is coloured blue to help avoid missing any areas.

Protect adjacent surfaces from splashes and remove any FEBOND BLUE GRIT before drying with warm soapy water.

Allow to dry thoroughly before applying plaster (usually 24 hours minimum). NOTE: drying time will be significantly extended at low temperatures. 


Coverage approx 4.5m2 per litre depending on porosity of substrate.