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Feb Febflor Heatflex 20kg

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Product Code: FBFLORHEAT

Product Description

FEBFLOR HEATFLEX is a fibre and polymer re-enforced, flexible, ultra high strength cement based levelling compound, designed specifically for use with underfloor heating and for application over wooden floors.

Once mixed with water, FEBFLOR HEATFLEX produces a smooth self levelling compound which dries to a tough flexible finish which may then be overlaid with most common floor coverings. No expensive latex additives are required. FEBFLOR HEATFLEX may be applied in one coat from a feather edge to 50mm in depth (depending on substrate). 

FEBFLOR HEATFLEX is also suitable for application over existing concrete and screeding, brick, stone, unglazed ceramic tiles, plastic sheet DPC and epoxy membranes.

FEBFLOR HEATFLEX is rapid setting and may be walked on in 3 hours. It can be overlaid with ceramic tiles after only 4-5 hours at normal temperatures.  NOTE: when overlaying with other floor coverings allow 24 hours drying time for each 10mm depth. FEBFLOR HEATFLEX is strong enough to accept vehicular traffic after overlaying with a suitable covering.

Typical Uses

As a levelling compound for existing wooden and concrete floors where under floor heating is present.

Features & Benefits

  • Heat Resistant – suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  • Flexible – designed for use over wooden floors.
  • High Strength – tested for strength to BSEN 13892-2.
  • Rapid Setting – can be tiled over in approx 4 hours.
  • Added Fibres – will not crack or shrink even in the most demanding applications.

Instructions for Use

Preparation of Substrate


The heating unit must be switched off and allowed to cool down prior to application (48 hours minimum). Heating cables must be fastened to a non-flammable underlay with hot-melt adhesive. Always use rendering mesh when applying over wooden floors. After application the heating must NOT be turned on for at least 48 hours. When turned on temperature must be increased slowly on a daily basis.


Suitable for use over Plywood, chipboard and tongue and groove boarding. All timbers must be free from release agents and must be fixed firmly with screws at 15cm centres to substrate or joists. Prepare surface by priming with a bonding coat of neat FEBOND PVA. Apply FEBFLOR HEATFLEX whilst still tacky.  Do not allow bonding coat to dry.


New concrete must be allowed 4 weeks minimum drying time. Surface must be free of dirt and loose dust particles. Prepare surface by dampening with water and then prime with FEBOND PVA diluted 1 part with 3 parts clean fresh water. Apply FEBFLOR HEATFLEX whilst bonding coat is still tacky. 


Degrease and clean tiles.  Prepare surface by priming with a bonding coat of neat FEBOND PVA. Apply FEBFLOR HEATFLEX whilst bonding coat is still tacky.  Do not allow bonding coat to dry.


Apply FEBFLOR HEATFLEX (mixed as directed) directly to substrate. NOTE: as surfaces are non porous, drying times will be significantly extended.


20kg of FEBFLOR HEATFLEX will require 4.5-5 litres of water. DO NOT USE EXCESS WATER. Always add the powder to water. This should be carried out by stepwise addition whilst stirring until a free flowing creamy compound is produced. Allow to stand for 2 mins then re-mix before application. Pour the mixture out into the prepared floor and allow it to find its own level. Trowel down lightly to achieve an overall thickness not exceeding 50mm. For a greater depth, allow to dry (24 hrs) then build up in layers, priming (1:3 with FEBOND PVA) between layers. When used with underfloor heating, cover heating cables with a min. 5-10 mm of FEBFLOR HEATFLEX depending on the capacity of the cables and the stability of the underlay (see instructions from manufacturer of cables). 


20kg of FEBFLOR HEATFLEX mixed with 4 litres of water will cover approximately 2.4m2 at a depth of 5mm, depending on substrate.


Store in cool, dry conditions as for Portland Cement.

Shelf Life

12 months from date of manufacture when stored as recommended by the manufacturer.