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EVT BPS Sanitary Silicone

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£59.75 £71.70 inc VAT
£88.50 inc VAT

Elastic single-component silicone sealant for indoor and
outdoor use, with 25% maximum movement tolerance.

Special properties
· elastic silicone-based sealant
· ageing and weather-resistant, good UV resistance
· very good adhesion on glass, glazed surfaces (enamel, tiles) and anodized aluminium
· with fungicide

Fields of application
For sealing joints and connecting joints in glass, window and metal construction, and in the
sanitary sector.
EVT Sanitary BPS must not be used in aquarium construction, on marble/natural stone, as
mirror adhesive, for underwater joints and in areas with direct food contact.
Not suited for plastics with in general poor adhesion to silicones (eg PE, PP, PET).