Everbuild Still Rapid 30 380ml


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Two component hybrid polymer adhesive has ultra-quick curing properties, setting in just 30 minutes, making it ideal for use in the most demanding of applications.





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Product Information

Product Code: STIXRAP30

Product Description

Stixall Rapid 30 is a two component hybrid polymer adhesive with ultra-quick curing properties, setting in just 30 minutes. This high tack, instant grab adhesive quickly cures by chemical reaction making it ideal for use in the most demanding of applications. 2 x 380ml Tubes – £22.98 + vat

STIXALL RAPID 30 is a two part, neutral cure, hybrid polymer based adhesive which adheres to most common building substrates. Used for general bonding in industry, engineering, construction, automotive, marine and O.E.M markets. STIXALL RAPID 30 has excellent primer less adhesion to most common building surfaces. Neutral cure system, silicone, halogen and Isocyanate free.


  • Ultra quick curing – within 30 minutes.
  • Ideal for bonding non-porous substrates.
  • Permanently Flexible.
  • Adheres to most common building surfaces including wood, metals, uPVC, concrete, brick and stone.
  • Over paintable with most common paint types.
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  • Chemical resistant to acids/alkalis, petrol etc
  • Excellent initial grab properties.

Areas For Use

  • Bonding in construction joints.
  • Automotive seam sealing and bonding.
  • Jointing cladding panels.


  • Do not use on surfaces that bleed oils or plasticizers.
  • Do not use in conjunction with bitumen or asphalt.
  • Do not use in aquaria.
  • Test compatibility with all substrates and paint systems prior to full scale use. May increase drying time of alkyd paints.
  • Glazing applications: Maximum UV resistance will be achieved by overpainting with suitable paint
  • Always use in conjunction with mechanical fixings for overhead applications.
  • Do not use on Polypropylene, Polyethylene or Teflon.
  • Use against natural stone: this product may cause some staining. Always check compatibility before use.
  • Do not use on polythene backed safety mirrors.
  • As quality of uPVC; ABS and most plastics varies dramatically, always carry out adhesion tests prior to full scale use.
  • Some solvents cause a softening of the product.
  • it is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt, please contact Technical Services for advice.       

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean and dust free. Surfaces may be damp, but have no standing water.


Unscrew cap from the nozzle of the cartridge. Screw mixer nozzle onto the end of the open cartridge. Apply using a co-axil gun. Apply pressure to the trigger until the 2 components mix to a uniform colour. It may be necessary to discard the first 2-3” of extruded material. Apply to using beads or zig-zag strips to one of the surfaces to be bonded.  Press surfaces together firmly and provide support if necessary. Full bond should be achieved within 30 minutes (depending on temperature and ambient conditions). Please note, cold temperatures i.e. <5oC may extend curing time.





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Contractors Silicone 200 white, clear C3
125 One Hour Caulk 310
450 Builders Silicone Translucent 310
825 LM all colours 380
996 LM Trans, Black, Clear 380
HM 60 Sanitary White, Translucent 310
S50 MM White, Translucent 310
S50 MM Jasmine, Manhattan Grey 310
Silicone 500 Ivory, Sandstone, Prem White C3
Fire Sealant 300 Grey, White 380
Fire Sealant 400 Grey, White 380
Antipick 109 Grey, Soft Linen, White 310
Stayseal NP75 1.2L
NP 2 Primer 1L
P1 Primer 1L
Sika Primer 3N 1L
Hybriflex 25LM White 380
Hybriflex 480 Grey, White 380
Hybriflex FL Grey 600
Puraflex 40 Grey, White, Black 600
Puraflex 25 Grey, White 300
225 Industrial Silicone, Brushed Steel, Black 600
Cleanroom Silicone 565 310
335 Construction Silicone, Bronze, Toffee, Grey, Brown 300
  Mapesil AC HM Colours 310
Stixall Black, White, Grey 300
Stixall Clear 300


Round Backer Rod 12mm 900
Round Backer Rod 15mm 500
Round Backer Rod 20mm 300
Round Backer Rod 25mm 200
Flat Backer Foam 30x10mm (1/2Roll Size) + 20x10mm roll 160
Flat Backer Foam 30x10mm (Full Roll Size) 320
Wonder Wipes Trade each
Solseal Hook Knives 76mm each
Solseal Blades (100/pack) each
Solseal Scrapers each
Solseal Extn Nozzles for 310mm each
600ml Cox Bulk Gun each
Solseal HD Skeleton Gun (Geocel-Cox) each
Solseal Wire Brush 200mm each
Sika Sanisil HM White, Clear 300ml
  Sikaflex Pro 3 Grey, Black 600ml
  Sikaflex Pro 3 Self Levelling Grey, Black 600ml
  Sikasil Pool Grey, White C3
  Sikabond TF Plus N – EPDM Membran Adhesive 600ml
  Sika EPDM Membran 100mm x 25m each
  Sika EPDM Membran 150mm x 25m each
  Sika EPDM Membran 200mm x 25m each
  Sika EPDM Membran 250mm x 25m each
  Sika EPDM Membran 300mm x 25m each
  Palu Tooling Block each
 Tooling Sticks (pack of 4) each
 Sika Plastix 22a Silicone LM Anthracite 300ml
 Solseal EPDM Roller 100ml each
 Solseal EPDM Roller 150ml each
 Solseal EPDM Scissors each
 Titan Dolphin Knife each
 Primer Brush each
 Dusting Brush each



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