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Everbuild Puraflex 40 Foil 600ml

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Product Code: FPINDPU40

PURAFLEX 40 is a high modulus, one component, polyurethane based sealant and adhesive that remains permanently elastic and has good adhesion to most substrates. DWI approved (Drinking Water Inspectorate)


  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Bonds to concrete, wood, metal, aluminium,polyester, glass, uPVC, stone, ceramics, etc.
  • Over paintable with gloss and emulsionpaints - preliminary test required before use.·  
  • CE Marked to types FEXT-INT CC and PWEXT-INT CC·  
  • Solvent free (EMICODE EC 1PLUSR 
  • Very Low Emissions

Recommended For:-

Sealing and bonding metal panels and trim.Expansion joint sealing in concrete panels, floorjoint and road and bridge construction. Sealing in applica tions subject to vibration and mechanical abrasion. Marine applications -provides resistance to salt water Multitude of sealing and bonding applications in the automotive and engineering markets. Bonding in container fabrication.High traffic floor joints such as those found in garage forecourts, warehouse, factory floors,sports arenas, shopping centres etc.Food stuff area usage (ISEGA Certificate)

Available as 310ml cartridge and 600ml foil in White, Grey and Black