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Acrypol Tech Seal PU 10kg

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One component liquid semi-thixotropic waterproofing composition, after polymerization gives an elastomeric, cold-applied polyurethane membrane.
The membrane cures in a continuous and elastic form, as a totally adhered layer. This waterproofing layer guarantees total water tightness and withstands building movements. Its fast-curing rate allows its use as a base coat or reinforcing layer when the usual Tech Seal curing time makes the the overall job to take undesirably long time to complete (e.g. low temperature applications).


• Balconies, terraces.
• Flat Roofs
• Pitched Roofs.
• Gutters.
• Water pipes and reservoirs


Elastic and seamless coating, weather resistant and excellent bonding. No reinforcement usually required except at critical points.