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Everbuild Everflex AC95 Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive 900ml

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Product Code: AC95900

Product Description

AC95 Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive is an intumescent acrylic sealant and adhesive specifically formulated for fire rated sealing and bonding applications on plasterboard and other kraft lined insulation boards. Provides up to 5 hours fire resistance, tested to BS 476, part 20/EN1366-4 (2006). Acoustic rated to BS EN ISO 140/3. Tested for air permeability to EN13141-1 

AC95 is a high strength, permanently flexible acoustic/intumescent sealant and adhesive specifically formulated for sealing and bonding plasterboard and other Kraft lined insulation boards, where a fire rated seal of up to 5 hours is required.  Water based, solvent free formula, easy to use and clean up and adheres to just about all building substrates.  Non-flammable.

Conforms to BS476 Parts 20/22. Independently tested by Warrington Fire Research, Report Number

144508/B  (FEB 2005). Acoustic rated to BS EN ISO 140/3. Tested for air permeability to EN13141-1 Ventilation for buildings. Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation.


  • Forms a fire rated acoustic barrier – up to 5 hour fire rating – 25% greater than conventional/competitive fire rated sealants.
  • Permanently flexible/high grab
  • Adheres to most surfaces.
  • Mould resistant.
  • Non flammable
  • Overpaintable.
  • Easy clean up 

Areas For Use

  • To form an acoustic and intumescent barrier by sealing gaps between plasterboard walls, floors and ceilings and dry lining applications.
  • As an adhesive to bond plasterboard to plasterboard and to bond plasterboard to wood and metal studding and direct to block work.
  • For sealing and bonding most other kraft lined insulation boards.


  • Damp or humid conditions will significantly extend the cure time.
  • Do not attempt to abrade when cured. 
  • Do not overpaint until product has fully cured. This will normally be 24 hours but may be 4-5 days in damp, cold or humid conditions.
  • Do not apply below 5°C.
  • For overhead boarding applications, always use in conjunction with mechanical fixings.


Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean and dust free.  All loose or flaking surface coatings, and old sealant and mastic joints, should be removed before application. Highly porous substrates such as new plaster should first be primed with Everbuild PVA bond diluted 1:4 with water. Surfaces may be slightly damp, but not wet. NOTE: THIS WILL SLOW THE CURE.


Fit cartridge into a 1ltr mastic gun. Cut nozzle to required length and puncture inner membrane seal before applying.


Use as a sealant: Always cut nozzle to a size slightly larger than the gap to be sealed.. Apply to gap, slightly overfilling and finish smooth with a caulking tool or filler knife. Clean up any excess with a damp cloth within 30 minutes of application.


Use as an adhesive for direct bonding to large surfaces: Cut nozzle to provide a bead of approximately 9-10mm diameter, pierce inner membrane and apply a continuous bead to one surface at 250-350mm centers. Apply board immediately to surface and tamp down. Provide temporary support until cured.


Use as an adhesive for bonding to studding: Apply a continuous bead to studding and apply board immediately into position. Do not apply more than one board’s width of studding at one time. Provide temporary support until cured.