What is glazing sealant?

Glazing sealants are a type of sealant that provide excellent adhesion to glass. Most commonly made from silicone, glazing sealants are used to flexibly seal the connection joint between window frames and glass panels.

What is glazing sealant used for?

In residential properties, glazing sealants are used to create a watertight seal around windows and doors. This creates a more secure structure, protecting the property from drafts and water damage. For this type of application, we’d recommend Dow Corning C60 Sealant, which can be applied to glass, PVC-U, wood and brickwork, making it suitable for the majority of window installations.

In commercial buildings, glazing sealants are used to provide strength to glazing components. Using a structural glazing sealant, glass can be safely attached to a metal frame, creating a seamless appearance. For structural glazing projects, use Dowsil 895 Structural Glazing Sealant, which has been specifically designed for the bonding of glass, metal and other building components.

What are the benefits of glazing sealant?

Silicone glazing sealants deliver a number of benefits upon application and are considered to be extremely durable solutions.

  • Water resistance – Silicone glazing sealants create a watertight barrier, which enables windows and doors to withstand wet weather conditions.
  • UV resistance – Silicone rubber is highly resistant to UV light degradation, which means it can create a long-lasting seal between exterior components.
  • Insulation – Silicone sealants deliver an airtight seal, which can help retain heat within properties.

How long does glass sealant take to dry?

The majority of silicone sealants take around 24 hours to cure. Whilst silicone-based sealants are often dry to the touch within an hour, they are not ready to be exposed to wet conditions at this point.

The exact time it takes your glazing sealant to cure will depend on the product and application conditions. As all products are unique, we’d recommend checking the instructions on the back of your product to determine how long it will take to cure.

What is the best window sealant?

Our bestselling glazing sealant is Everbuild Silicone 825 LM. As a low modulus, neutral curing silicone sealant, this product offers exceptional adhesion and can be applied to most surfaces, including glass, metals, plastics and wood. When used, Everbuild Silicone 825 LM creates an effective weatherproof seal, protecting interiors from exterior conditions.

At Solseal, Everbuild Silicone 825 LM is eligible for next-day delivery, if order by 11am.